Retshwanetse is 100% black owned by a young and ambitious, black female professional who discovered that more can be done with combined skills than as an individual. She went on to incorporate experience and expertise of other young black professionals with the aim of contributing towards uplifting the country’s economy, by bridging the gap between delivery of services and the unemployed .

Retshwanetse does not agree with the notion created by society, that the youth of today are not purpose driven and therefore have a bleak destiny, but rather we concur that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it” and opportunities are there for anyone who seeks them. We thrive under pressure and constantly hunger for new ventures!


›To set an example to the youth of our country by successfully achieving our goals through hard work, drive and determination.


›To restore hope and confidence in the hearts and minds of young South Africans that where there is breath, (life) there are possibilities.


›To erase the misconception that black owned companies cannot provide reliable, efficient and honest services.


›Every young person has a creative ability/certain skill, the potential to make a difference and the right to be given a chance..