Keys To Success:

To help us keep in line with our objections, our logo is a reflection of our beliefs:

  • The stopwatch symbolises that we value time, that with each project we’re given, we set deadlines for even the smallest tasks.
  • Time never stops or goes backwards, similarly we stand for progression and aim never to regress.
  • The colours in the watch are a declaration that we are proudly South African.
  • The multiple clocks inside the watch detail our comprehension that one cannot start counting from one hour. That first one has to start with seconds, and once one has counted sixty, they can the move one to minutes, leading to the hour. We do not just jump into tasks without having completed the necessary stages. However, as many clocks as are inside that watch, running concurrently, so are we able to embark and deliver on more than one project at a time.

Service Offering:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Pre-Occupation Cleaning
  • Pre/Post Event Cleaning
  • Sanitary and Carpet Cleaning
  • All Round Cleaning


To provide our clients with the highest quality service, exceeding industry standards.